Next big children’s author from Swansea

I came across an hilarious book today – Gastronimus and the Legend of Mr Grrrumblebum (3 x Rs!) and also learned that the author Charlie Duncan was brought up in Swansea not two miles from Number 5.

Charlie’s story is aimed at eight to eleven year olds which is great because it brought out the kid in me. The style of book shows that Swansea obviously nurtures fertile and imaginative writers.

Gastronimus arrives from space with a bump and sets out to sort of the errant chef Grrrumblebum – the most criminal cook in the cosmos. Gastronimus and his friends struggle with Mr Grrrumblebum they show the difference between good food and bad, without preaching.

According to Amazon supporters of this book include Save The Children, Sheila Dillon of the BBC Food Programme, the Food Standards Agency, BAFTA-winning children s TV and cookery programme maker Adrian Hedley and Netmums – the first intergalactic celebrity chef!

The book is dotted with healthy eating recipes in a way that makes you want to try them out. Charlie obviously comes from a family of healthy eaters – no powdered milk or ready meals in his childhood!

There are one or two recipes that we shall modify and try out on our Edwardian Dinner at Dylan’s evenings.

The book is available at Waterstones and Amazon – rush out and buy one for the grandchild – no, buy two and keep one for yourself!

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  1. Geoff,

    Many thanks again. What a lovely write up! (and I love the bit about powdered milk during childhood!)

    Best wishes

    Duncan Hypher

    • Long shot, but are you the Duncan Hypher who studied Management at Bath University from 1985?

      • I will check with Duncan and if so he may come back to you

      • Many thanks!

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