What’s new at Dylan Thomas Birthplace

Prince Charles takes tea with Geoff and Anne and Hannah Ellis - Dylan's granddaughter

Prince Charles takes tea and Welsh cakes in the parlour

It’s not only our Royal visitor – Prince Charles who can have afternoon tea at the Birthplace. His was a bit special but we look after all our visitors just the same (check Trip Advisor if you want confirmation). Take a look at these links to the day the Prince called.  Check our  events on a regular weekly and monthly basis and exhibitions planned – check our posts regularly as they are constantly being updated and added. We have something for every season – look out for Christmas this year and our special day December 12th when we come alive to tales of A Child’s Christmas in Wales – a Dylan story inspired by this house

It’s always a great time to visit Gower and get in some walking. Why not visit Rhossili and take the walk to Worm’s Head where Dylan once got marooned by the tide!

Number 5 is now open for house tours daily 11.00am, 1.00pm and 3.00pm – when there is someone staying there times may vary (book overnight stays online on the website) so it’s best to telephone first and we can make sure we are there to greet you.

If Dylan was around today would he have rushed home and posted his experiences and inspirations in a blog?

I think the answer is almost certainly “yes” which is perhaps one of the reasons that we have started this blog about the house and area that he remembers best.

The way Dylan worked and his prodigious output of letters would have been perfectly suited to a PC and email. His poetry took him an age to craft – some 200 versions have been recorded of some of his work – as he insisted on rewriting the whole piece even for minor changes. How much simpler with a copy of Word – but how long would he have kept a laptop before losing it?!

Number 5 Cwmdonkin Drive played a large part in shaping the style and output of Dylan Thomas. Dylan was born in the front bedroom of the house in 1914 and continued to live in the house until his parents moved out in 1937. Over two thirds of his published output was written in 5 Cwmdonkin Drive overlooking his “… long and splendid curving shore…” of Swansea Bay. This is where the subject of the film Edge of Love and author of Under Milk Wood spent his formative years. The most important room in Dylan’s life – often referred to at Wales’ first World Literary Heritage Site – is his tiny bedroom which we have just dressed as it would have been in 1934 when Dylan had just published his first book 18 Poems which set the literary world alight

Come and learn about the three year long restoration project from rundown student bedsit to sparkling new 1914 “…semi-detached Glamorgan villa...”  The house has been reborn and is available to rent as a themed self catering holiday experience.

It’s back to the days when the front room was “for best” and to the home of the upwardly mobile Thomas family. See the latest Youtube interpretation with beautiful music by Osian here

Not only can your self catering stay be for a week or a short break you can even stay for just one night and book online! The house is also open for guided tours making it a unique visitor attraction. It’s also great for that special meal – why not let us host your own special Dinner with Dylan event or read the latest dinner review?

What the house evokes in its visitors is personal and subjective but we guarantee that there will be something that you will see or touch that will provide memories for a long time to come.

Is 5 Cwmdonkin Drive for you?

We think that anyone and everyone can gain something from staying or visiting the house – you might be a family or business group wanting to get away for some peace and quiet to plan your latest strategy or even a small group of friends looking for a unique venue for a birthday or other celebration (we’ll even lay on a traditionally cooked meal to an Edwardian menu).

Oh, and it’s a great place for anyone wanting to get away …so perfectly relaxing…

For the latest news check out our Latest Blogs under Posts

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  1. I can certainly recommend the tour… really brought Dylan Thomas’ formative years to life for me… I’m now re-reading lots of his works and fitting in where exactly he wrote them from and it’s bringing it all back to life… reader and serious student of Dylan… you must go!!! non-reader and hardly heard of Dylan Thomas… you must also go!!!! also Anne makes a cracking cup of tea in the best china… lol

  2. This house is a LIVING house! Not old and fusty, you can really imagine that you are in 1914. I have stayed there twice and find it peaceful and homely. Everywhere has the feeling of my grandparents’ similar home. The living room is homely, the kitchen is sparse but functional, the study has a calm manly quietude, and the comfortable front room is the forbidden pleasure of childhood Christmases. The bedrooms have traditional bedsteads – but modern mattresses, (thank goodness!) There are freshly laundered bedlinen and woollen blankets to cuddle you to sleep. There are also an upstairs bathroom and toilet – very novel for the time! Annie Haden makes everyone very welcome indeed and has become a special friend – her daily tours and hospitality make Dylan’s a never-to-be-forgotten experience! So, whether you are an historian, a Dylan Thomas devotee, or just curious, you really shouldn’t miss this amazing experience.

  3. I tried to email link in your First Day Cover email, but it did not deliver. Then I tried Matt and it did not deliver. Here is what I tried now to send twice: Please help:

    I want to buy two of the First Day Covers.

    I am in the U.S. and not not concerned what my added cost is, but the website said to email you first.

    So, I guess you want to alert those outside UK to not be surprised by added cost.

    Can I just click on the BUY NOW and use PalPal? Right now that button says UK Mainland Only. Often when I use PalPal, the site does the conversion. Or I can use VISA and they do the conversion.

    What do you advise I do to order now?

    MUCH thanks for all you are doing to promote centennial.

    Warm regards,

    Neal Whitman

    • Neal I have only just found your post. Did you get the two first day covers? If not please email me at geoff@5cwmdonkindrive.com and I’ll get it sorted out Apologies but I think it is something to do with WordPress Geoff

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