£40m Mumbles Pier redevelopment gives new hope for Dylan’s Mumbles

The latest announcement on plans for the Mumbles Pier redevelopment are out this weekend for public consultation.

The Bollom family who have owned the pier since before the war have long being trying to convince the local authority about their ambitious plans. Almost ten years ago I talked with Stan Bollom about his plans and it is now his grandson Nick who is leading the family campaign.

With support from local AMs and MPs as well as the council leader Chris Holley where is the stumbling block? I can only guess at the planning department but of course I may be wrong. The Community Council have been known to object to anything NIMBY before (see the sorry state of the Oystermouth Bus Station).

Particularly in these tough economic times, plans that create hundreds of building jobs and could benefit the local economy to the tune of £18m a year should be supported wholeheartedly.

Other parts of Dylan’s Mumbles are in a sorry state – the Mermaid Hotel had a mysterious fire not long before it was up for redevelopment as flats (sorry – apartments), the Antelope is looking in a sorry state and the Oystercatcher (formerly the Nag’s Head) is being turned into a Costa Coffee Shop. The Mumbles Pier development could signal the re-emergence of Mumbles as the jewel in Swansea’s crown

If Dylan came back on a Return Journey to Mumbles he would have plenty to talk about!

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  1. What RUBBISH. This development will be detrimental to Mumbles and to market it under the guise of Dylan Thomas is to blatantly lie.

    A Residential complex is planned for the Pier, along with the loss of the Headland and the common land at the back.

    SO if, like me, you enjoyed walking up the steep steps from the Pier and onto the Headland car park, you won’t be able to do that anymore because that car park will be for RESIDENTS ONLY – to this monstrocity might mean that we will have to walk along that pavement-less cut-through road to reach Bracelet Bay.

    Ummm I wonder what Dylan would have to say about that?

    • I’m not marketing the merits of this developemt in any way having no contact commercial interest with the owners. By chance I met Stan Bollom many years ago.

      I do have a strong interest in seeing Mumbles as a thriving suburb of a thriving Swansea.

      The Bollom family have kept the pier going when so many others around the country have disappeared (over half the Victorian piers have disappeared). They have also developed the shore side areas and have taken considerable trouble to meet with people nationally and locally (do a search on the Evening Post website and you will see what I mean) to explain their plans.

      I agree that the road through the cutting is dangerous – that is something for the City Council to consider – try the Chief Executive – Paul Smith and something might get done

      What I was saying is that if Dylan made a Return Journey today he would be horrified – Mumbles is down at heel and has failed miserably to address what it needs to survive as a vibrant and successful village for both local residents and the tourists who will bring money in to keep shops open (how many have closed in the past two years?). The pier development would be the start of the renaissance

  2. Well I’m a “NIMBY” and thank goodness for people like me. This MONSTROCITY will do nothing for tourism or local jobs, there will be no hotel, I repeat, THERE WILL BE NO HOTEL. This is a residential development which will target afluent buyers only, and will turn the village into a building site.

    So the above commentary is both biased and inaccruate.

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