Who are we?

I am Geoff Haden – born and bred in Swansea – the birthplace of Dylan Thomas – probably the finest poet of the 20th Century.

I was born on Gower but brought up within a few miles of 5 Cwmdonkin Drive and spent my childhood playing in Cwmdonkin Park – the setting of many of Dylan’s finest stories and poems.

I admit to have a passion – no, lots of passions. First I want Dylan recognised for what he was – a great writer. Particularly we want him recognised in his home town (now the city of Swansea). Most places would give their eye teeth to have a major figure such as Dylan in their midst – until a few years ago there was only one tourist sign with his name on it in the whole city – pointing to the Dylan Thomas Centre.

After four years we have at last got a sign in the Uplands for Dylan Thomas house. However, there is one problem – Uplands is not signposted through the city and neither does it have a settlement sign!

The main website is for 5 Cwmdonkin Drive where you can learn about staying in the house, exploring the house on a tour or eating at one of our famed Dinner and Dylan’s.

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